Huynh (n. pronounced win)

I am a Front End Developer, Interface Designer and Branding Guru based out of Vancouver, BC.

I create fresh web interfaces that feel like your best friend. You know, the quirky one who tells bad jokes and always up for anything. The one who doesn’t judge you even after that weekend in Vegas.

I have a background in Graphic Design and Theatre. How does that benefit you? It means I believe in engaged storytelling, easy navigation, and seeing things from a different point of view. It means I'm creative, flexible, and love to collaborate. I want to make you look AND feel great. Working with me will be animated and personal.

I also support women in the tech industry. I am the
Co-Chapter Lead of Ladies Learning Code Vancouver.
I make coding fun and approachable to everyone.

The awesome things I make

I lead you to success

Successful communication generates successful projects. I provide updates every step of the way. I keep you engaged and enthusiastic. I am here to represent you and work hard to make you look and feel like a rockstar.

Create a brainstorm

This is where you and I get to know each other and discuss your project. We brainstorm ideas that represent you and your company brand.

Map it out

You get site maps and sketches of your navigation and layout based on content and mobile first design principles.

Get a snapshot

Love the layout? Here comes the
hi-resolution mock up of your site so you get a visual representation of the final product.

Make it happen

Site build begins! You're provided with weekly updates, and a few test runs prior to the live launch date. We hi-five and congratulate each other.

Word on the street is


Natalie Anne Sun, Sr. Graphic Designer, Nalee Design

Diane's positive and upbeat enthusiasm was always shown in her work and attitude. A hard worker and full of passion, I enjoyed working with Diane and would recommend her.


Carrie Bailee, author of "Flying On Broken Wings"

Diane is a LEGEND!!! I absolutely love it. My site is truly amazing. The LOGO is spot on. I love it so much. I am so impressed


Mogens Smed, CEO of DIRTT Environmental Solutions

Diane Huynh's dedication to generating results within her own role and simultaneously impacting DIRTT was extraordinary. She was never satisfied with simply meeting an expectation, but to push towards exceeding them.


Jason Kessler, Sr. Web Designer of DIRTT Environmental Solutions

Diane has shown exemplary creative work on a variety of projects. Her eye for design is first-rate as are her skills. Her strong work ethic and ability to complete any job thrown at her with a creative flare has won my accolades.

Don't be shy, come say hi.

I would love to collaborate with you on your next project! Fill me in on your idea and I will get back to you within a couple of days